Multi-tenant call center software

Q-Suite is a multi-tenant contact center software built from the ground up to take advantage of the powerful Asterisk telephony engine. It offer an advanced multi-channel  ACD with skills based routing, Queue priority, Visual IVR builder and Agent Customer Interaction Script Builder, a Dialer, Real-time Wallboards, Historical reporting, Web services integration and the ability to theme the look and feel, all out-of-the-box. Q-Suite offers a mature interface for Workforce Management (WFM) integration, Voice Recording and CRM integration. A multi-tenant PBX within Q-Suite complements the call center software.

Q-Suite ACD can scale and accommodate growth by managing multiple Asterisk servers in a cluster. The power of the underlying Asterisk telephony provides the flexibility required to setup a distributed or federated infrastructure. It provides fault tolerance against system failure through its High Availability (HA) deployment. Developed for the technology stack of Asterisk, Linux, Apache, and MySQL, it is a cost-effective and powerful contact center software for multi-tenant services.