Redundancy and HA

HA setup for Q-Suite is a sub-set of its Fault tolerant Call Survival Architecture that offers Redundant High Availability where all software components are running in an Active Standby pair with the ability to Fail-over from the Active to the Hot Standby. HA, Call Survival with Redundant Q-SuiteThe Overseer Watchdog System within Q-Suite is an elaborate software mechanism to monitor and watch the sanity of all servers and services. The Overseer Watchdog mechanism detects failures of Servers and Services to Fail-over to the redundant servers and services.

Depending on the requirement, mission critical contact centers can opt for a HA architecture driven by Q-Suite's Overseer Watchdog system or a Call Survival architecture where on-going calls will survival a single system fault  successfully. The unique and powerful software components based on redundant fail-over architecture makes available a resilient Asterisk based contact center technology platform with flexible and powerful ACD and Dialer software.