Enterprise Contact Center Software

Q-Suite is a robust, feature-rich, scalable contact center software for setting up Asterisk based call centers. The flexibility of Asterisk, the dominant next generation hybrid IP PBX, enables Q-Suite to deliver features and capabilities inherent to a high-end VoIP Contact Center ACD, while retaining all the capabilities of TDM (ISDN PRI), at considerable cost savings. Scaling is an important consideration when selecting contact center technology platform. You can setup large call centers with call center software for AsteriskQ-Suite, which scales seamlessly to multiple Asterisk servers to accommodate the size and growth of your contact center operations.

Whether setting up an Inbound, Outbound or Blended Call Center, Q-Suite offers all the essential features, right 'out-of-the-box'. You can deploy Q-Suite at Premise or in the Cloud and derive the benefits of setting a distributed contact center workforce avoiding multi-site infrastructure complexity. Organizations of all sizes will appreciate Q-Suite’s powerful Call Center ACD which provides Skills Based Routing, Queue Prioritization, Virtual/Personal Queues and Agent Hot-Desking. The intuitive Dialplan Builder with its drag and drop GUI simplifies the task of building IVR. Outbound contact centers will benefit from the self-pacing Predictive dialer and its Preview and Progressive Dialing capability.

Q-Suite comes with an Agent Customer Interaction Script Builder powerful enough to satisfy the requirements of most inbound and outbound contact centers. It comes with an array of drag and drop tools to develop powerful and sophisticated scripting requirements. Q-Suite has interfaces to import data into and export data from the system which integrate seamlessly into your Scripts. Script Builder also has ability to incorporate Web enabled CRM/ERP applications within the Script Builder. 

Cradle to grave reporting is an intrinsic component of the contact center software. With CDR records based on UUID, the contact center software is capable of providing detailed real-time and historical reporting on Agent, Queue, ACD, Campaign and List. Wallboard details provide realtime Performance reports and metrics. Voice recording and Listening capabilities are standard features within Asterisk for which Q-Suite provides built-in interfaces for monitoring Quality.

Contact center operations requiring CTI Integration to Asterisk Telephony or integration to existing CRM/ERP Solutions will enormously benefit from the elaborate API library available within Q-Suite ACD. It offers .NET based library for CTI Integration as well as Web Services API for integration to the setup and management of your contact center. The underlying socket interface can be directly accessed to write custom wrappers for other languages.