Distributed Multi-site Contact Center Setup

Q-Suite simplifies the task of setting up of multi-site contact center operations. Whether you are setting it up in the Cloud or within a multi-site MPLS network, this call center software provides you the required flexibility to build a unified distributed multi-site contact center operation. Q-Suite will allow you to manage your customer interactions across geographic locations and take advantage of the tremendous growth in technology. Its powerful and cost effective architecture with full featured contact center functionality will change the way you manage and control your operations. Overall, it will reduce complexity, increase efficiency and centralize management. It will also allow you to better manage your call handling, IVR, work overflow, quality monitoring, reporting and work force management.

Q-Suite offers a central management with control over your infrastructure by simplifying the communication architecture for multi-site operations that are geographically apart. It will also provide the ability to combine voice and data over the network and take advantage of VoIP. Above all it will consolidate call handling and staffing without geographic barriers. Depending in how you build your architecture, your can offer managed services to your multiple sites wihout having duplication.