Visual Call Flow & Dialplan Builder for Q-Suite ACD and Asterisk

The Call Flow Builder (also known as the Dialplan Builder) is a powerful tool within Q-Suite with a GUI interface that allows creation of Dialplans incorporating both Asterisk functions and Q-Suite Call flow/Call control functions. It can interface with internal and external databases and applications. This powerful Dialplan Builder takes the mystery out of building of IVR and inbound service schedules.

The Visual Dialplan Builder tool is intuitive to create, setup and manage IVRs. Its easy-to-use management tool equips call center administrators with the features needed to define customer experience for all calls as they are guided through IVR menus and prompts, into ACD queues and skill groups, and delivered to agents. Q-Suite provides the flexibility to upload custom prompts and hold music to fine-tune each IVR to enhance the caller’s experience and elevate your brand. The Call Flow and Call Control functions allow for branching to other steps or Dialplans and overflow to other Queues to manage SLA.
You can introduce advanced capabilities like Speech, DTMF or AMD/Tone recognition using sophisticated speech Engine. Whether you are looking to build Notification systems which needs AMD/Tone detection to deliver recorded message to Human or Voice-mails or if you are planning Call Analytics using ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) or a Text to Speech delivery, it can be accomplished through the Visual Dialplan Builder. Q-Suite’s Dialplan Builder will allow you to setup self-service options to your callers and increase customer satisfaction as they enjoy a seamless and consistent experience, reducing your call center’s cost of operations. This Visual Dialplan Builder allows you to create different call flow options based on the time of the day, day of the week, month and year to manage your contact center operations.
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