Predictive Preview and Progressive Dialer

Q-Suite offers an advanced feature rich Dialer with Predictive, Preview and Progressive Dialing modes. The self-pacing Predictive Dialer (also spelt as Dialler) is tightly integrated with Asterisk and capable of running multiple concurrent outbound dialing campaigns. predictive dialer for asteriskPreview and Progressive Dialing modes provide control over the pace of dialing, ideally suited for B2B dialing. Q-Suite Dialer provides the necessary tools and API for Business Intelligence driven dialing for effective lead penetration and customer conversion.

Predictive Dialing is based on a self regulating algorithm designed to maximize Agent talk time. Q-Suite offers predictive dialing for Asterisk based call centers using this efficient FCC compliant algorithm, providing all the necessary tools to setup and manage robust outbound campaigns. The self-pacing Dialer and the compact CRM database provide the necessary campaign and list management for outbound dialing in Predictive, Preview and Progressive modes.

Q-Suite Campaign Management provides an advanced wizard to setup and effectively manage multiple campaigns within the outbound platform. Several simultaneous campaigns can run concurrently with each campaign having its own set script pages, client data, lead loading template, call dispositions and schedules. The sophisticated Script-Builder within Q-Suite allows for creation of powerful agent customer interaction scripts. Its list and lead management tools for importing lists and extracting leads as well as live dashboards and historical view of the dialing allow contact centers to exercise full control over the campaign for maximum productivity. Web Services API allows tight integration of external applications for automation of Dialer (Dialler) management.