CDR for Call Center Software Reporting

Q-Suite captures detailed CDR and call related datapoints to allow for comprehensive reporting of contact center activities. Reporting requirements are far more extensive for a contact center than a PBX telephone switch. Q-Suite ACD tracks and houses CDR, Call History and Call List details to provide granular cradle to grave reporting capability within its contact center ACD.

Every call is tagged with a unique identifier (also referred to as UUID or UUIN) and stored within the CDR table. An associated table stores all the details of the sub-events within a call with micro-second accuracy providing a break down of the sub-events like consultative or conference based transfers. Call History which records the Agent Caller interaction detail begins when the call is handed over to an agent screen. Agent actions like 'Redial' and 'Transfer' will result in multiple entries in the CDR table with each call initiation having its own UUID. Call History is the common link to these multiple calls thereby providing the granular detail required to audit every aspect of the Agent-Customer interaction. Call History ends with the agent disposition of the call.

Calls can be tagged with a List ID either when they enter the ACD/IVR or when they land on the Agent Screen for inbound calls. Outbound calls will have List ID assigned at the time of loading leads. It is simple to track all the call history records associated with the Call List ID, providing a historical perspective of the interaction with the same customer.

The details for Queue, Campaign and Agent activities are tied together with the CDR details allowing generation of real-time and historical reporting to suit the needs of every contact center operation. The extensive logging is meant for providing the required Call Center Analytics and generating metrics for Key Performance Indicators (KPI).