Call Survival Architecture (CSA)

Fault tolerant Call Survival Architecture for Q-Suite 5.7 is a High Availability Redundancy setup that ensures the survival of on-going and new calls from a single fault or failure of services or servers associated with Q-Suite. HA Redundancy and Call Survival for Asterisk based call centers During a failure/fault, it offers a method of recovering on-going voice calls by keeping the incoming calls alive and restoring it to the same agent/customer service representative.

The Overseer Watchdog System within the Call Survival Architecture of Q-Suite 5.7 is an elaborate software mechanism to monitor and watch the sanity of all servers and services. The monitoring mechanism initiates automatic fail-over from a Main Service to a Standby service in the event of fault detection.

The fail-over and restoration of calls is a part of the patented Call Survival Architecuture mechanism that successfully restores the calls within a matter of seconds.