Script Builder within Q-Suite for Asterisk based call centers

Script Builder is a powerful agent customer interaction Script building tool within Q-Suite, the leading call center suite for Asterisk. script builder for Asterisk based call centersRegardless of the type of customer contact service you offer, you will have a robust, easy to manage yet incredibly powerful Script Builder tool to provide clear, well laid out processes that manage your agent’s interaction with the customer.

Q-Suite Script Builder is a unique What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, with an all in one Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag and drop functionality. The Script Builder enables you to quickly and easily develop powerful custom scripts that support dynamic customer interactions for your inbound services and outbound campaigns. There is a powerful set of script component building tools within Q-Suite’s Script Builder. The Script Builder offers the ability to create Custom Fields, setup conditional display and allow for branching. You can embed web-enabled CRM and custom applications as well as open them in separate tabs and update external applications using Web Services.