System and method for fail-safe call survival for IP contact centers

U.S Patent and Trademark office has issued Patent US20110310773 A1 - Method and system for fail-safe call survival to Indosoft Inc., the developers of Q-Suite. This patent covers the technology to recover calls and successfully continue on-going calls and conversations in the event of a single point failure within an IP based phone and contact center system.

Q-Suite, through the implementation of this patent, provides a system and method for fail-safe call survival by detecting failure of active calls; prevent existing calls, whether established or to be established, from being dropped due to a single point of failure within the IP contact center. The continuation of the calls does not rely on the call endpoints having to re-initiate or re-route the failed call. Call recovery is initiated independent from the call path of a call. The detection of a condition or need for call recovery and the determination to initiate call recovery procedures to establish call survival are made without involving endpoints or intermediate points of the calls, through the development of a sophisticated Overseer Watchdog mechanism.